Finland, Finland, Finland! Finland has it all!

Finland, according to Monty Python at least, has it all: pony trekking, camping, proximity to Russia, breakfast and dinner, snack lunches… and, from February 14th 2015, a Katie! I got my acceptance letter on Monday this week, promptly replied, and by 6pm, I’d booked myself flights and bought travel insurance. On Tuesday, I set about applying to accommodation, […]

Depression is not an infectious disease

Hands up who can remember the last time they caught depression because somebody with a mental illness coughed near them? No, I didn’t think so. Charlotte, aka @BipolarBlogger drew this to my attention just now, with her excellent summary… No. Next question? “@Stigmama1: Could Depression Actually Be a Form of Infectious Disease? — ScienceDaily” — […]

Quantifying Happiness

My immediate thought, when I saw people posting their results to the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire on Facebook, was to raise an eyebrow and wonder how the researchers behind it presumed they could quantify happiness in a set of numbers. So, I went to do the test, and although as I went through the different questions, I caught […]


Well, a little more than halfway, now: 549 days ago, @warnetony was welcoming me to my future. 549 days from now, I will be a qualified nurse. Happy 18 months, M13 cohort! — #HelloMyNameIs Katie (@caffeinurse) September 18, 2014 The halfway-day was coincidentally marked by the first day of the NPNR conference, which I was […]

Curating @NursingSUni

This was written for the Nursing at Salford University blog, about my week curating the school Twitter account, @NursingSUni. I was really excited to have the opportunity to curate the Nursing at Salford Twitter account for a week last month. I’ve been using Twitter since 2008 to keep in touch with friends, and using it […]

Dual diagnosis

I spent a week on this placement working with a dual diagnosis nurse (DDN), as my mentor wasn’t around for a few days and being most of the way through my optional module Substance Misuse & Self-Harm, I thought it would be a really great and relevant experience, and it was! I kept a reflective diary […]